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Meredith Mauldin is a passionate worshiper and songwriter that can’t help but rally others to be the same. She spent 7 years pioneering the worship and songwriting culture at the UPPERROOM in Dallas and was the founder of their label and publishing company. Meredith has now created a ministry called SongLab Music, to empower worshipers to minister to the Lord as well as write songs from their hearts and for their local churches. She has held over 30 SongLabs all over the country since 2019 and releases collective worship music from those events. Her passion is to write songs that will turn the eyes of the bride to Jesus! When she isn’t worship leading, she has enjoyed being a

voice actor for cartoons for over 22 years, her most popular character being Android 18 from Dragonball Z.

She loves hanging with her husband Michael and their three kids! They currently live in Atlanta, GA.




“The Turning” album by Meredith Mauldin and UPPERROOM is a collaboration that has a sweetly familiar spirit. Meredith was the worship director at UR for 7 years during the formative years, where they collectively set out on a journey to learn how to minister to the Lord. This album reflects that heart beat, with songs from their season together as well as songs of surrender and hope for new chapters. Every song comes from intimate heart cries and encounters with the Lord. We are praying that this album helps you to TURN and look at the One who has everything we need.

A SongLab is a workshop designed to help equip and inspire you to write and steward the songs

the Lord has placed inside your heart. During the SongLab workshop we give the "why" behind the command to “sing a new song to the Lord”, practical training to build out and finish songs, as well as navigating co-writing with a culture of honor. Our heart is to help inspire a healthy culture

of celebration instead of competition. Then finally, we write, share, and record the songs!


Meredith has been voice acting for over 20 years (her last name stayed McCoy in the anime world). Her

first and most popular character was Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z. Other characters have been Launch,

from Dragonball, Lt Maria Ross from Full Metal Alchemist, Kagura, from Fruits Basket and many more.



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